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The key to developing proper Mastiff temperament as an adult is to socialize him around all kinds of people when he's young. Far from making him less protective, it will make him more effective as a protector. He'll know all the "right" body language that tells him someone is a friend. He'll be familiar with how children, the elderly, kids on bikes, and skateboarders look, move, and sound, and he'll use that information to pick out those with bad intentions all the more readily.

At first, the stories were essentially sketches fed by her perfect ear for foolish, self-absorbed conversation and her scorn for middle-class hypocrisies. They appealed to the same cast of mind that was responding so clamorously to Sinclair Lewis’s puncturings, in Main Street (1920) and Babbitt (1922), of what . Mencken called the “booboisie.” As time passed, though, her intentions grew more serious, culminating in her longest and best-known story, “Big Blonde,” which won the 1929 O. Henry Award (Faulkner, Cheever, Updike, Carver, Oates, and Munro were among later winners).

Watford, Hertfordshire’s Sad Lovers and Giants seem to be the go-to band to namedrop when referring to under-appreciated post-punkers, cited as a primary example by the Post-Punk Magazine Kickstarter campaign discussed above. They actually had been on my radar for many years, having gotten a relatively enthusiastic write-up in The Trouser Press Guide . I didn’t unearth any recordings for my radio show in 87-92, but I was one of the first in line to buy the E-Mail From Eternity: The Best of Sad Lovers and Giants compilation in 1999. It’s a great introduction, but is just a gateway to the inevitable realization that their entire albums are essential documents of the era, and were finally reissued in 2009. Epic Garden Music (Cherry Red/Midnight Music, 1982) is actually a mix of their first singles with new songs, while Feeding The Flame (1983) has them blazing to full flight for an early peak, given that the band temporarily broke up after its release. In The Breeze (1984) collects studio out-takes and a 1981 Peel Session. The band reconvened and released the underrated The Mirror Test (1987), and finally suffered a lapse in quality with Headland (Voight-Kampff, 1990) and Treehouse Poetry (1991), but came back strong with Melting in the Fullness of Time (Voight-Kampff, 2002).

RIP Tom Petty
Thank you for giving so much, a lifetime of inspiration and love. Your music has changed this world for the better. /jZsjIN5Xu3

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Sad Lovers And Giants - Treehouse PoetrySad Lovers And Giants - Treehouse PoetrySad Lovers And Giants - Treehouse PoetrySad Lovers And Giants - Treehouse Poetry