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Ed’s first guitar was a Rick, and it was probably this one. Used quite a bit on Pablo Honey , including  Creep , and also on The Bends . In 1992, the guitar was covered in “Pablo Honey” stickers and used for promotional pictures of the band. Ed had removed the stickers by 1994. The guitar was stolen along with the rest of Radiohead’s gear in Denver in October, 1995.

5. Pseudo-Theremin
As heard in the Portishead track “Humming” from Roseland NYC Live , this simple one-oscillator sawtooth patch with heavy vibrato from the LFO, along with a fairly slow glide, evokes ’50s sci-fi shows. This patch sounds great with spring reverb emulation or a warm delay, and is way easier to play than a real theremin!

For most of the game, time effectively stops within its chapter. This lets you explore and examine things at your leisure. However, if other characters are actively doing things near you, time matters again, and you have to pay attention.

In what is seen as one of the darker points of the series, Dark Matter takes control over King Dedede's body in Kirby's Dream Land 2 , plotting to rule Dream Land after separating the Rainbow Islands by destroying the Rainbow Bridges. After battling Dedede's associates across the seven separated islands, Kirby made his way to King Dedede's chamber in Dark Castle 's looming tower. Under Dark Matter's control, Dedede was trapped in an unnatural sleep throughout his confrontation with Kirby, but otherwise fought exactly as he did in Kirby's Dream Land . He could also power himself up in fits of rage, making his attacks more explosive and giving them wider range, even being able to toss his hammer at Kirby, which would explode on contact.

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King Sounds - Patches / HappinessKing Sounds - Patches / HappinessKing Sounds - Patches / HappinessKing Sounds - Patches / Happiness